The Advantages Of Sleep Well

Sleep is not a luxury for the people involved, everyone loves to sleep. Contributes to overall health and individual well-being of Sleep. This body, mind and rejuvenates the spirit. There are many benefits of eight hours of sleep each night. Organ tissue repair and cellular level, stress, pollution and helps to reduce pollution. Sleep helps us to learn new skills.

The survey was conducted by Harvard Medical School students need to learn new things that REM sleep, came to an end. Usually brings a good spirit and mind, do you think that negative thoughts cleared and a good night sleep good work going on when you sleep NOK.

NOK to obtain the benefits of sleep.

Here’s a good night’s sleep can help you in other ways.

1) Good sleep is a healthy and vibrant heart and the body that reduce inflammation in your stress, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and chronic diseases such as cancer cause.

2) sleep the body reduces the level of stress hormones. This is to help the body fight aging and promote regeneration of cells and organs.

3) sleep improves memory and cognitive function. If you have time to sleep properly stored in the memory skills and organization. When lack of sleep, many suffer from the memory function. Research carried out in Germany and the rest get a good night sleep three times more people in positions of knowledge, creativity and other skills to solve the problem of lack of sleep may be the best that could not be found.

4) Sleep as well as weight control that can regulate the hormones that affect appetite. A person has a BMI lower than those who sleep less than enough sleep. Lack of sleep decreases with the hormone leptin that regulates appetite and food when we sleep, we lack the staff during the hunger signals that stimulate increases, hormone ghrelin.

5) Sleep helps to reduce the risk of disease. Only eight hours of sleep each night, the level of melatonin and cortisol hormones remain in a healthy range. Cortisol can lead to cancer, it helps to prevent cell damage. Cortisol, your immune system fight infections, with the help of the potential

We like a good night sleep, we may take these benefits are only a very few benefits. We, we are able to appreciate both physically and mentally, because the dream is NOK. Lack of sleep also affects us when we are around. We are emotional, get short-tempered and aggressive. Our reactions are slow and can be involved in an accident. Everyone should be the best thing for this dream.

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